The Zurich Synagogue Choir welcomes you


The Zurich Synagogue Choir brings together two dozen singers under the direction of Robert Braunschweig.

The Choir is supported by the Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich (ICZ). It sings at the Löwenstrasse synagogue once a month during the Shabbat morning prayers, and on High Holidays. In addition, the Choir regularly participates in inter-faith events and gives concerts in Switzerland and abroad.

There has been a choir in some form at the Löwenstrasse synagogue for over a century. The members of the choir take very different approaches to religion, yet all share the same joy in singing within the cultural and religious framework of the ICZ, a pluralistic community that pursues an open and inclusive approach to internal Jewish issues.

The Choir‘s repertoire comprises some 60 songs and Chasan-accompaniments, mainly from the synagogue liturgy, by German, French, Polish and Russian 19th century composers and contemporary Swiss, American and Israeli musicians.